At the end of April, S. Kathy Somerville was featured in a Newsday article highlighting an initiative called “Plant A Row” which grows fresh produce for those with food insecurities. Marvin Makofsky initiated this effort and partners with many people in the community, such as Sister Kathy, to grow, transport and distribute the food. Newsday subscribers can click here for the online article. Read an excerpt here: “Sister’ is Sister Kathy Somerville, Order of Preachers, the Dominican nun who has been running the church’s outreach center for 40 years. The donated produce, she said, is a much-needed addition to the center’s offerings.
“In the beginning, we only provided canned food,” she said. “Fresh fruits and vegetables were more of a luxury” for the 140 families who receive food through the program. “I have never seen anyone as passionate about anything as Marvin is,” Somerville said. “You can’t say no to him because if you say no, he’s just going to come back at you,” she added with a chuckle. Not that she ever tried, she admitted.
“I think what makes Marvin’s job easier — and my job easier — is that the Port Washington community is just so generous. We couldn’t do here what we do if it weren’t for the community,” Somerville said. “The amount he has accomplished in getting people involved is just incredible.'”