Duffy, patricia

Sister Patricia Duffy, OP

Sister Patricia Duffy, OP, founder of the Siena Spirituality Center in Water Mill, is the director of Christ House Prayer in Mastic Beach. A Dominican Sister for 40 years, Sister Pat preaches the Gospel directly to women with a series of meetings at St. Ursula Center in Blue Point.

A published author of the book Womansoul: Letters of Encouragement and Possibility, Sister Pat approaches life with the same kind of courage and humor she discovered in her doctoral dissertation entitled “Woman Who Settle for More: Passionate Possibilities.” Sister Pat studied twelve women, using psychologist Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of values, and discovered a value essential to self-actualization that Maslow had not included in his hierarchy. All of these women had courage, a sense of the possible, and a sense of humor. Sister Pat believes that it is her job to bring people to God and to themselves and try to get out of the way.

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