In early November, S. Mary Anna Euring, our own contemplative artist, offered a gorgeous and inspiring collection of her work at her Contemplative Art Show for the benefit of Homecoming Farm.

It had everything – beautiful original paintings, magnets, stationery, and even Peace Crane Earrings. You could enjoy watching the contemplative manner in which S. Mary Anna works as she created her art while engaging all of us with stories of her Chinese teacher. You could also see the prayerful manner in which her work takes form!

It was two awesome days of beauty, creativity, and relationships. The bonus was that S. Mary Anna raised $3,300 that she donated to Homecoming Farm. S. Diane Kirwin was the lucky raffle winner of The Cardinal painting. Our gratitude goes to the incomparable S. Mary Anna, her supporters who helped sell tickets and manage sales, and everyone who believes in the work of Homecoming Farm.