In Loving Remembrance

We remember with love our dear Sisters who died during this past year. Their lives were a gift and a blessing to the Sisters of St. Dominic, their families, friends, and colleagues. May they rest in the arms of the loving God they so faithfully served.

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Sister Alphonse Louise Gendron, OP

November 20, 2023

Sister Rita P. Lombardi, OP

October 22, 2023

Sister Maria Carmel Wirsching, OP

October 3, 2023

Sister Jennie Palma, OP

October 2, 2023

Sister Claire Pfundstein, OP

September 22, 2023

Sister Denise Haviland, OP

August 30, 2023

Sister Lucille D’Amelio, OP

August 16, 2023

Sister Mary Elizabeth Gavan, OP

July 24, 2023

Sister Felicita Ayala, OP

July 1, 2023

Sister Claire A. Gallagher, OP

May 2, 2023

Sister Jean Dominici De Maria, OP

April 10, 2023

Sister Virginia Marie Monahan, OP

April 2, 2023

Sister Barbara Anne Shea, OP

February 23, 2023

Sister Kevin John Shields, OP

January 28, 2023

Sister Beata Maria Berger, OP

January 14, 2023