As part of their course at Molloy College called “Spiritual Autobiography,” students visited the Motherhouse in Amityville on November 5, 2018, to interview and hear all about the lives of some of our Sisters. Lauren Czarnecki, 20, loved talking to Sister Mary Ryan who was a teacher and principal. “She told me that many people think that when great things happen to them, it’s luck. But it’s really God’s plan for us. I never took that into consideration before,” said Czarnecki, who is majoring in childhood special education.

Mark Ganesh, 26, had never talked to a “nun” before. But, he was very surprised when Sister Marianne Miller put him instantly at ease. “I felt like she was very humble and I could be myself around her,” he said, smiling.

The purpose of the course is to lay down the foundation for their last assignment: to write their own spiritual autobiography. During the course, they read about the faith journeys of Gandhi, Dorothy Day, Eli Wiesel, and St. Therese, the Little Flower.