There was a special Mass for Founders’ Day on Saturday, September 9, 2017.

Our Prioress Sister Mary Pat Neylon expressed that “We stand on the shoulders of some pretty awesome itinerants…those four German women who literally felt the call to respond to the need of German immigrants across an ocean,” she said at the celebration. She also said that the idea of being an itinerant preacher has shifted since “the original call of our founders.” Now, our local ministries are different kinds of movements: “the move to start a Bethany House, to build a hospital, to write a letter to a congressperson; to make a different kind of retreat some year; to farm our land; to volunteer to help a person or group; to give birth to Harvest Houses; to surprise someone with something they like; to build a college; to express your thanks to someone; to learn something new…and so much more…all inspired, inspired by your open, itinerant hearts!”