Sister Vicki Toale, OP has recently published a book entitled, “One Size Can’t Fit All.” Sister Vicki teaches theology at Molloy College and is a pastoral associate at Our Lady of Miraculous Medal in Wyandanch. Of her book, she says:

“We live in a glueless society. No, not clueless, glueless. Religion, which used to be a unifying force, seems to lead either to extremist behavior or vast indifference, with a very quiet moderate majority in between. Integral religion recognizes that there are seven significantly different stages of religious growth. Yet many who practice traditional religion dismiss all others as clueless or blasphemous. Before people change, they must be respected for who they are. One size CAN’T fit all, but like it or not, each person and each society goes through each stage as they grow. Can Integral Religion hold us together long enough to recognize this?”

Sister Vicki’s book may be purchased through the Communications Office for $10.