More than 20 Molloy Students visited the Motherhouse on March 27th to talk to Sisters, as part of a class called “Spiritual Autobiographies” taught by Sister Alice Byrnes and Juliette Fernan.

Student Cassie Kortlang loved interviewing Sister Marjorie Devlin because they had so much in common: Cassie wants to be a nurse and Sister Marjorie was a chaplain at Stony Brook Hospital. After the interview, Sister Marjorie showed the students Rosary Hall…and they marveled at this hidden treasure on Long Island. “The chapel is really pretty,” Cassie said with a big smile.

Sister Barbara Shea and Sister Miriam Cecile Lenehan also gave a tour of the chapel to their students. Sister Miriam even brought in a black and white photograph of herself when she professed her vows, wearing a wedding dress which was swapped later for a habit.