Harvest Houses, a ministry of the Sisters of St. Dominic that provides independent residential options for well-elders, has received a $30,000 Community Development Block Grant from Nassau County Office of Housing and Community Development. The Congregation is thankful to Nassau County for its generosity.

The Sisters would also like to thank all who supported the Mission of Harvest Houses by participating in the 2016 Harvest Jazz Brunch. This event helped raise $51,000 for the Harvest Subsidy Fund, which assists independent seniors who want to live in a Harvest House but cannot financially afford to do so.

In the midst of these wonderful gifts, the Harvest Houses hosted a visit with healthcare professionals from Winthrop Geriatric in Mineola at the Floral Park residence on January 4, 2017. The group, including a social worker, geriatrician, and five young doctors, experienced firsthand how a home-like setting inspires individual respect within the context of a family environment. Their observations were notable:

“I have been a geriatrician for 30+ years. We need more Harvest Houses and families must know about this!”

“I am helping someone now who is in a large facility and very unhappy, he wants something homier, this would be perfect for him”

“There are so many seniors who would benefit from a Harvest House-there should be more houses.”

“It is so affordable.”

“So many seniors are lonely and this would be great for them.”

For more information about this wonderful ministry, please visit the Harvest Houses website at harvesthouses.org