Despite the cool and damp weather this past week, the 13 Dominican Colleges and Universities that gathered for the 15th Annual “Preaching In Action” Conference, had an amazing time deepening their understanding of Dominican Life/Spirituality and their understanding of what “Dominican Tradition” means at a Dominican College/University.

They embraced the days with energy and enthusiasm, and each day’s theme reflected one of the four pillars (Study, Spirituality, Community, and Service). The day began and ended with a prayer that was planned by the students. Because the time for reflection/contemplation is very important in the Dominican Tradition, the students were given time after each session to sit quietly and reflect on what they heard. They also had journals that helped in their reflection. The level of sharing was extraordinary.

The week concluded on Sunday, May 28th with a Commissioning Mass in which each student shared how they will continue to “preach” daily in their own lives and on campus. Our students overwhelmingly expressed a desire to deepen students’ understanding of Dominican Tradition and plan to meet with various people on campus who can help them fulfill this goal.

Everyone’s favorite line was the quote for St. Catherine of Siena, “Be who you are meant to be and you will set the world on fire!”