On April 27, 2017, students and faculty of Molloy College spent a night in cardboard boxes on the Campus Green to raise money for Bethany House — which serves homeless women and children in Nassau County. Sister Diane Capuano, OP, Campus Minister of Molly College, has written a letter recapping the event:

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your many generous donations and your prayers for Boxtown at Molloy. We have raised over $10,300 for Bethany House!

Despite the weather being a bit misty and cold, students, employees, alumni, and women and children from Bethany House spent the night in refrigerator boxes provided by PC Richards. The hot chocolate, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and the delicious cookies were given to us from our Motherhouse were welcomed treats throughout the night! Some of our Sisters helped to bag all of the cookies for the night. By 6 am, our campus green was cleaned up and we all enjoyed a light breakfast before heading home. By the way, we no sooner cleaned up the area when it started to rain heavily.

As always, the most special part of the night is the time spent hearing the stories from some of the women and children from Bethany House and also students from Molloy who share their experiences of Bethany House. We also enjoyed beautiful music from our students, as well as, the Bethany House Gospel Choir. Words could never describe what this experience is like. It is deeply moving and challenging.

With love and thanks,

Sister Diane Capuano, OP