“Let us open ourselves to rekindle the belief that the charism of St. Dominic is something critical for the modern world,” said Bishop John Barres, at the Feast of St. Dominic on August 6th at our Motherhouse.

Bishop Barres, the leader of the Long Island Catholic community, joined us for a special liturgy and a gathering.

Before Mass, our Prioress Mary Pat Neylon joked with the bishop, mentioning our famous story that a priest from Pennsylvania failed to show up to meet our founding mothers, after their long trip from Regensburg, Germany. But now, this Bishop from Pennsylvania “showed up” for our celebration Feast of St. Dominic. “The score is settled,” she joked, as our congregation chuckled.

Bishop Barres looked around the room to admire our many Sisters gathered in St. Albert’s Chapel. He said as he gazed into the faces of the Sisters he saw such “spiritual beauty” and “feminine geniuses.”

Referring to the Gospel reading, he thanked the Sisters for retaining their sense of mission. “On this day, I want to thank you for being salt and light in the Dominican community, salt, and light on Long Island, and salt and light in the universal Church.”