Sister Ave Clark has walked 1,000 miles as part of the “Walking Preachers” with her adorable Yorkie named Sunshine. While she walked through her neighborhood, it became a spiritual journey as she met people, shared stories, offered prayers and Sunshine gave a friendly bow-wow.

“I joined Walking Preachers and never thought I’d make 1000 miles! The Yorkie keeps me turning corners— Enjoy your walks. It’s not the number of miles you go, it’s the wonderful preaching in the walk. I now am going for 2000 miles!” said Sister Ave.

When she is not meeting people in the streets, Sister Ave offers programs through her Heart to Heart Ministry with Holy Video Night, women’s retreats, faith-sharing groups, spiritual brunches, prayer services, and individual counseling. “She is the most kind, compassionate, caring person I know. She brings God’s love to everyone,” said Susan Schwemmer, who attends many of the program offerings.