On Wednesday, April 26th, 2017, the OPening Word will celebrate its 25th Anniversary. Alumni, teachers, staff, board members, Sisters of St. Dominic, and honorees will gather together at the Crest Hollow Country Club to commemorate over two decades of empowering women through education.

The Opening Word Program is a literacy, ESOL, and job readiness program, the purpose of which is to unlock the language ability of adult participants, providing them with a key to future personal empowerment, increased civic and social responsibility, and enhanced skills for membership in the workforce.

Aware of the dehumanizing experience of the poor and undereducated, the program seeks to recognize the uniqueness of each person made in the image of God. Their commitment is not to a course of study, but to the person. Therefore, our approach is completely individualized to the needs and progress of that person.

Tickets to the dinner/dance can be purchased by calling The Opening Word corporate office at (631) 643-0541. Click here for more information.