Last month, Sister Flor Buruca and Associate Yanira Chacon went to Washington DC to advocate for the rights of those who came to America and received Temporary Protection Status (TPS).

Many who came here under TPS live in fear that their protective status will be taken away and that they will be sent back to their countries’ origin. They hope for a pathway to citizenship. “TPS can be redesigned by the President without the need of Congress and Senate,” said Yanira. “We asked the President to take into consideration the years our sisters and brothers have been in the program, a great number of them living in Long Island. Many of them are our co-workers, neighbors, and friends.”

Yanira has been an associate with our Order for five years but has known the sisters since she lived in the Oscar Romero House with Sisters Jeanne Clark and Eileen McCormick in Hempstead in 1988. She served on the board of Hope Community in Hicksville in 1990. She also served at the Intercommunity Center for Justice and Peace in Manhattan under Sister Marie Danaher.