“‘We are preachers (said, St. Dominic). It is not what we do. It is who we are.'”

– Fr. Gerard Francisco Timonor, OP

The Sisters of St. Dominic of Amityville share their faith with others and ministry is at the very heart of their vocation.

Strengthened by the community, the Sisters strive to promote human dignity and alleviate suffering. Their ministries, both local and global in scope, cast a wide net and offer creative solutions to the complex and often controversial issues of our times.



The Sisters of St. Dominic preach the word of Christ every day. Preaching through evangelization, teaching, social work, education, social justice, advocacy, and the arts, the Sisters are called to a life of peace, justice, and the service of God’s people. This is the Veritas or the Truth of Dominican preaching.


Leaders in elementary, secondary, and higher education, the Sisters of St. Dominic combine intellectual rigor with a commitment to moral and spiritual development. Reaching beyond the traditional classroom, they share their values and traditions through Dominican youth programs; religious education in local parishes; and programs for immigrant populations for whom English is a second language.

care of creation

The Sisters of St. Dominic share a commitment to be responsible members of the universe; to model a sustainable way of life; and to produce food without the use of chemicals, caring for water, wildlife and people. They endeavor to care for the earth by making decisions in light of God’s love for all of creation.

spiritual life

The spiritual life of the Sisters of St. Dominic can be defined with three simple, yet enormously meaningful phrases: To Praise; To Bless; To Preach. Rooted in both the Word of God and the Dominican tradition of the Catholic church, the Sisters strive for a balance of community, service, spirituality, and study in their daily lives.


Our Catholic faith demands a commitment to justice while challenging institutional and governmental structures that perpetuate injustice. The Sisters of St. Dominic, for whom God is present in every person and everything, advocate for the poor and marginalized; immigrants; prison inmates; victims of prostitution, human trafficking, natural disaster, and war. More often than not, the Sisters serve as the voice of the voiceless.


The Sisters of St. Dominic, committed to Christ’s healing mission, believe that wellness extends far beyond the treatment of disease of the body. They embrace the spiritual, psychological, and social aspects of every person. True wellness of the mind and body is an integrated and active process and leads to a more fulfilling life in the service of God.



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Followers of St. Dominic — like the Sisters of St. Dominic of Amityville — delight in following the four pillars of the order: SERVICE, PRAYER, COMMUNITY and STUDY. You can follow our way as well. Ask yourself:

1. Do I make time to pray with God about myself, others, the world?

2. Do I cultivate and seek to create a spiritual community?

3. Do I continue to learn and grow about subjects God is calling me to?

4. Do I serve God and my community in meaningful ways?

If you would like to connect with our community for events, prayer or more please contact us at communications@amityop.org