Sister Aimee Koonman, OP founded Bethany House as a residence for women and children caught in the crisis of homelessness. Bethany supports the belief that each person deserves and needs adequate food, clothing and shelter, in a nurturing and sustaining environment. They provide a homelike atmosphere and encourage self-sufficiency and restoration of human dignity.

To achieve this end, Bethany House:

  • Employs a multi-services approach of supportive counseling, family life education, and specific programs to those made vulnerable to crisis.
  • Advocates and networks with other agencies to obtain needed services and benefits for those in its care.
  • Creates opportunities for change on the individual case level, and acts to affect broader change on the systemic level
  • Educates and involves the community at large to prevent homelessness when possible, and to respond effectively when preventive efforts fail.

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