The seven-member Congregational Leadership Team, led by Prioress Sister Peggy McVetty, serves from 2019 through 2025. They share the administrative, pastoral, and planning responsibilities for the Sisters of St. Dominic of Amityville. Each member of the team assumes responsibility for a specific area of the Congregation’s life and mission and works collaboratively to achieve common goals.

Sister Peggy McVetty 2022 Headshot

Sister Peggy McVetty, OP


Sister Diane Morgan

Sister Diane Morgan, OP

First Councilor

Sister Pat Koehler

Sister Patricia Koehler, OP


Sister Diane Capuano

Sister Diane Capuano, OP


Sister Judy Flanagan

Sister Judy Flanagan, OP


Sister Peggy Krajci

Sister Peggy Krajci, OP


Sister Selenia Quinones

Sister Selenia Quinones, OP

Provincial of Puerto Rico


The Council of the Sisters of St. Dominic of Amityville is elected for a term of six years.

The Provincial of Puerto Rico, who is a member of the Council, is elected for a term of four years.

(Left to right) Sister Diane Morgan, OP, First Councilor; Sister Judy Flanagan, OP, Councilor; Sister Peggy McVetty, OP, Prioress; Sister Patricia Koehler, OP, Councilor; Sister Diane Capuano OP, Councilor; Sister Peggy Krajci, OP, Councilor.